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Since 1996, I have been working with businesses of all sizes to make professional photographs for marketing and advertising. My specialty is making top quality photography affordable for small to medium size businesses that simply don’t have advertising budgets like the large corporations. Since 1996, I have worked with hundreds of businesses just like yours to bring their marketing to life with images that sell. During 2007 and 2008, I accepted an appointment from Governor Schwarzenegger to serve as his Official Photographer  and am a member of the following prestigious photography organizations:

  • White House News Photographers Association
  • American Society of Media Photographers


High quality photography is a very powerful selling medium. The value of an image that conveys the right message about your product or service is much greater than just the price you paid for it. I’ll work directly with your marketing team and other decision makers to ensure the final images work seamlessly with your marketing materials and sell your business as the success story it is. Throughout the process, I keep a close eye on details and seek perfection for every image. I always stand behind my work and offer an unconditional guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with the delivered photographs. In more than 15 years in business no one has requested a re-shoot or a refund. That’s saying something!


My goal is to provide first class service to every client; regardless of the size of the project or assignment. I strive to go above and beyond for every one of my clients. But, I can help with so much more than just the photography. Since I work so closely with business owners, marketing teams, advertising firms, PR firms, etc., I often find myself playing the part of image and marketing consultant. A successful photography assignment doesn’t end with the delivery of great photographs…it’s seeing them successfully used by the client. I am an experienced web developer and graphic designer as well and can help get you get the photos I create into your website or other marketing materials. Ask for more details.

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