Sacramento Event Photographer, William Foster | Event Portfolio

If your event involves someone of importance, the photographer you hire MUST be experienced to not only capture high quality images of the event, but also know how to interact with the subject. The photographer you hire is a reflection on your or your firm. William Foster is a highly experienced photographer capturing everything from keynote addresses, to awards ceremonies to private corporate events. Your reputation is always one of our top priorities at the event.

If your event is newsworthy, we are experienced in getting your photos to the Associated Press wire, complete with captioning and metatada to ensure accurate representation of the image by media outlets that may want to run the story and image. We will need to know if you want this optional service prior to photographing the event, as certain preparations should be made ahead of time.

When image counts for your next event, call for scheduling and availability.

William Foster is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers, White House News Photographers and National Press Photographers Association.