Sacramento Head Shot Photographer, William Foster | Head Shots and Business Portraits

Often, our corporate clients need a high quality headshots or business portrait for the website, a book cover, by-line or other marketing purposes. Whether it’s fair or not, potential clients may judge your business based on the image you portray in your marketing. After all, people need to buy you before they buy your product or service. If the photo of you on your website was taken by the office intern with a point and shoot camera against a white wall, it’s time to get something professional.

How does a head shot get made?

For a headshot session, we bring the studio to you. It doesn’t make sense to expect you to spend time driving to a studio, parking and getting back to the office, all for a headshot session; too much productivity is lost. We typically are able to set up in a conference room or other open space in your office as long as it’s at least 10′ x 10′. We will handle all the setup, then let you know when we’re ready so you can step in for a few minutes to be photographed. We will then review the photos immediately where you will choose which one you would like to receive. Under normal circumstances, you can expect to spend 10 minutes or less away from your desk!

What does a head shot include?

Our head shot package includes

•  all the preparation and setup to make the head shots
•  photographing each person
•  delivery of one final, retouched photo per person (delivered in four digital copies of their selected photo – high and low resolution in color and black and white)
•  additional retouched images can be purchased separately

How much does it cost?

The charge for a standard headshot is $325, but we have price breaks for photographing additional people.  If you have a unique situation where you need additional services such as hair/makeup/wardrobe styling, location scouting, etc., let us know the details and we can provide a custom quote. TIP! If you are on a tight budget, a great way to save money on a headshot is to arrange for some of your colleagues to split the cost of the final invoice. For example, the cost for three headshots at one session is $750. Split three ways, the cost per person is $250 – a savings of $75 each. Find five colleagues and the cost per person is even less!

William Foster is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers, White House News Photographers and National Press Photographers Association.